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Why we're different

Why We Are Different

From back in 1992, with it's humble beginning of a garden with just a few pots of orchids, the company has today expanded to more than 400 acres of farm land both in Thailand and Hawaii. Our three (3) offices around the world and great team members enable us to evolve into a high volume source of quality orchid and tropical flowers. Through investment and employment with regional partners, these actions have empowered us to practice good corporate citizenship to the society which we live in.

Our goal has always been to create a great company and loyal customer-base that focuses on delivering high quality of leis in each step of our operations. We also provide a quality workplace for our 200 employees. Without their hard work and dedication we would not be able to provide the best products and services that we offer.

In order to maintain great relationships with our clients, we continue to implement new technologies and methods of operation, including Total Quality Control to ensure freshness and shelf-life, uncompromised quality, order accuracy, and on time delivery.


With many different lei designs and patterns on the market nowadays, we remain the pioneer of lei design and innovation of the industry. Here you will find a wide variety and assortment of standard leis, deluxe leis and our signature prestige premium leis. Because of our leading edge in lei design and competitive pricing, this is the reason why we are...


THE Orchid Lei Company   

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